EasyImage Freeware Image ProcessorEasy Image Modifier by InspireSoft is a simple (and that’s the way I like it) image processing tool that enables you to resize images from an easy to use interface that supports drag and drop.

This little program lets you change the size of your images, easily making easy-to-email copies of those megapixel sized pictures you’ve been taking.

It offers many options.  You can change the dimension of your pictures (by pixel or percentage), rename it and also choose to convert the format to JPG, PNG or BMP.

It includes several more features but doesn’t get complicated.  These other features include optional removal of image metadata which is stored in your pictures, customizable JPG compression levels, and more.

I LOVE the fact that Easy Image Modifier is a standalone application and does not require “installation”.

IT’S FREE, not some limited trial version, but totally FREE!

My only reservation is that it’s missing the basic function of being able to rotate the orientation of images around.  If it had that one feature, I would say this would be a 5/5.  One really NEEDS to be able to do that.  Due to its omission this (version, see below) falls short for being a “must have” utility as one must have the ability to rotate the image.
Still, I should say that for what it offers, and it’s “price” it’s well worth the download.
UPDATE: the author of this program, Kevin Schneider of http://www.inspire-soft.net was nice enough to let me know that he plans on adding the rotate feature in a future version.  Check out his website for updates!

TwinSeas Rating: 85/100